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The Last Night of Summer by Daniel Evanko
Miranda sat atop Tycho's while Tycho and Eli lounged around the crackling fire. The night air was cool and gentle as it wrestled through their fir. There was no reason for the fire on a night such as this, but the fire wasn't for warmth. No, the fire was about one more memory of the wonderful summer they had had together. It was, in many ways, their last great "Hoorah" before the weather changed and all that would come with it: Tycho would hibernate, not to be heard from again; Miranda would head south or travel to the city in search of a warmer climate; Eli, poor Eli, would be left all alone in this, his one and only home. Often he wished that he too could sleep all winter long or fly away to warmer places, not so much to preserve himself but more to keep to boredom away.

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